The original Liposomal melatonin formula

(Please see this blog post for safety information and discussion of this topic.)

Lipo-Health, Biopure
Melatonin capsules with minimal fillers, we use BioTech or a compounder
Coconut oil, must be organic
Honey, must be organic
Water, filtered

Other materials needed:
Blender, a Magic Bullet/NutriBullet works well
Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner (get one for this purpose only - don't clean your jewelry with the same one); we use this one:
Small glass container (like a custard cup or ramekin, available on Amazon or in a culinary store) that fits inside the jewelry cleaner

First, determine your daily melatonin dose. The dose varies widely based on individual needs. Please ask your physician for their recommendation. You can make this as concentrated or not as you like, and cut each finished batch into as many or few pieces as you want. You just need to do the math, based on your individual dose, how much melatonin is in each capsule (since this varies on brand, etc.), and how many pieces you are going to cut it into, so that you know how much melatonin to add, and approximately how much melatonin is in each piece.

Put into the blender, in order:
2 tsp water, 2 TB room temperature coconut oil, 2 tsp Lipo-Health, 7-10 days worth melatonin (open appropriate number of capsules into blender; see below for example calculation), and 1.5 tsp honey or to taste. Blend until well mixed. You want it to look a little gelatinous and thick enough that it still pours, but slowly. Add water as needed to make product blendable. Add coconut oil if too fluid.

Put into a glass container in ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Following instructions for cleaner, run for 20 minutes.
Place in refrigerator, where it should thicken up to resemble butter. After it has thickened, cut into slices like a pie, so that each slice is your desired dose.

How to take: let it absorb through your mouth by moving it around to coat insides of cheeks, roof of mouth, etc. for several minutes. Avoid brushing teeth, eating, drinking, or taking other supplements for at least 15 minutes.

- This is more potent than non-liposomal melatonin. The dose widely varies between individuals. Start your dose low (1-2mg nightly) or as your doctor recommends. The signs of having taken too much are drowsiness the next day and/or an ability to sleep (toxin release from the brain going into your system and causing cortisol release) with other toxic reactions: headaches, fogginess, nausea, etc.
- Most symptoms that arise when taking this formula are due to the mobilization of toxic material from the brain. If symptoms arise, work with your health practitioner to improve your detoxification pathways and methods.
- Honey is not an optional ingredient, it emulsifies the formula and drives the melatonin to the nerves; alternative or no sweetener may not work as well or work at all.
- The ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is also not optional; the formula may not work as well or work at all.
- Simple dosing calculation example: if your dose is 2mg/night, and you are going to cut the product into 8 slices (one slice/night), you need to add 16mg to the formula. If your melatonin is 5mg/capsule, open 3 capsules into the blender, for a total of 15mg/batch, or just under 2mg/dose (no need to be precise).

The material above is not meant to be taken as medical advice, nor is the information here complete enough by itself to make accurate or wise treatment decisions. Please talk with an appropriately trained healthcare provider before using this or other at home medicines.