What is a flower essence recommendation
and why might I want one?

Flower essences are one of our favorite tools for shifting a person's mental/emotional state. They can work both in the moment to help someone get out of a spiral that they don't want to be in ("I don't know why I have such an attitude right now," "I can't stop worrying about _____," "I don't have a reason to be so sad, I just am," etc.), and long term to shift deep patterns of being in the world, like indecisiveness, a tendency towards jealousy/envy/comparing, always hiding their real emotions and thoughts behind a cheerful face, need to be in control, etc.

These emotional states are often the roots of physical illnesses or symptoms and resolving them at that level can be final, instead of always needing to manage a problem whose original cause has not been removed.

Of course, there are many kinds of physical, mental, and emotional problems, and flower essences aren't the answer to all of them, but they are gentle, able to be given in conjunction with other treatments, and while they may not always be the key to a given illness for a person, they are still likely to benefit that person in broad and maybe unexpected ways.

While flower essences can be chosen intellectually by identifying what one's emotional state is, and therefore which flower essence is best based on its description, we have seen better results using the same intuitive methods that Dr. Sarah applies to her patients at large. Using these methods, she is able to find and choose remedies for the emotions and issues that are beneath those that are presenting on the surface (e.g. indecisiveness because of a fundamental lack of trust, anger overlying a deep and old sadness, etc.), leading to a deeper and more complete effect.

Because flower essences are such a useful, inexpensive, and easy to use medicine, and since good emotional treatment is often expensive in terms of money, energy, and time, and is not as available as it ideally would be, we are offering personalized flower essence recommendations to the general public on a much smaller scale of cost and time than for the full establishment of care as needed for our patients.

Please note

Dr. Sarah does not stock or sell any supplements or medications because of the risk of entangled financial interest negatively impacting her intuitive testing. This order is for a flower essence recommendation only, not for the flower essence itself, which must be purchased separately from a 3rd party, with whom we have no financial arrangement. We will give you specific links/info so that you know how to order your recommendation.

Current patients

As you know, flower essence recommendations are often included in your protocol. If you would like to be sure that at least one is included when we test, be sure to request it, and it will be included in the cost of your testing overall without additional fees. You are welcome to use this flower essence-specific order form if you would like an essence recommendation between testing, as it is less than half the cost of our cheapest general ART option (15 min at $67.50).

Please see our FAQ for details, let us know if you have further questions, and see below or place an order if you're ready to get started.


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On the order form you can specify what you would like the flower essence(s) to target and/or request a general recommendation that addresses the current conglomerate or most important of your psychoemotional issues, as found by the intuitive testing performed by Dr. Sarah.

To order an essence recommendation for more than one person, click "Add to Cart" more than once. Please contact us for family discounts for 3+ individuals prior to ordering.

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